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@Ko wrote:

the only competition I notice on the regular, is with the female hosts....that's all I observe as competitive.

         That I don't agree with. Sorry!

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Re: Competition??

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I don't think QVC has been competitive at all other than hosts noticeably upping their sales tactics. 


But I'm beginning to see a glimpse at attempts.  Lower markdowns, more variety of products and brand names on its website.  But, I was surprised to see so many toys and other products for kids online compared to new clothes and other products besides seasonal decor.  


I'm assuming increased easy pays is another way QVC is trying because other retailers besides home shopping don't offer it.  But, another way to look at it, customers have become used to easy pay and don't buy when it's not offered.  


As for vendors, they may compete to get QVC to sell their products, but when selected, no competition between them.  Oh, they have their selling points they use to differentiate their products from other manufacturers.  


As for designers, absolutely not.  One designer uses embroidery, they all use embroidery.  That may be their way of being competitive.  Other designers not allowing one to gain an edge by offering embroidery and flowered prints, for example.  Watch for all of them to have longer blazers, boot cut or flared pants, and leopard prints this fall/winter/spring.  The only difference is their own "unique" fabric.  


QVC TV is still stuck in a repetitive rut.  Selling the same products as HSN isn't being competitive, either.


Mike George says "youth" is where it's at.  I say "new" is where it's at.