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Fox news will enlighten you


Only 7 thumbs down? Oh come on, you can do better than that showing your distain for MrSour's suggestion. 

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If I were home during the day, I'd be watching TCM all day.  I am convinced they show better films on weekdays than weekends.

@Peaches McPhee 


Yes, I have caught these little movie "gems" on the may not have heard of the actors, but the plots are very well written and acting is terrific.....

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Maybe it's for the best. You can maybe try some other ways to spend your time. 

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To Whom It May Concern:

Did I ask for advice? No I did not. I do not not appreciate the Sanctimonious comments on my  post. Man. I do not sit on the couch eat bon bon's and watch QVC  all day. I do not need to be told what else I can or should do instead of watching QVC. Like a lot of people that live alone, I have QVC or somthing else or music on in the background while I go about my chores or work on the computer. 


I wouldn't be surprised at one or two comments making a show of being morally superior.  But so many! Where do you people get off? Talk about needing to get a life!