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Where is Carolyn???  Tuned in on D&C this morning and promptly turned it off when I realized she was not on show.  Sorry Gary !!  

Hope she on a well-deserved vacation.

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I though it was strange they had a pre-recorded show on QVC Main.  There was no mention of Carolyn that I heard.  I wondered what was going on.  Gary was on live for 2 hours at some ungodly hour like 5am with Christine Zell.  Again, no mention of Carolyn.

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Maybe, she is having heart problems again. I don't think I heard where she shared what her problem was, but if it is Afib, that's one tricky heart condition.

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Last week she said she was going to visit her parents. 

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Re: Carolyn MIA???

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She was in NC visiting her parents. She has pictures on Instagram. She was on the train yesterday headed home.

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You are absolutely correct about the afib...DH spent the last 6 weeks fighting continuous afib that came out of nowhere.  Many tests, lots of Lasix, Eliquis, cardiologist appointments.  He finally has had several good days in a row.  Watching salt and fluid intake.


A very scary time !

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Carolyn's not MIA. I don't remember what product she was presenting but she was on the air last week.

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Last week on D&C she mentioned a couple of times that she would be going to NC on vacation.

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Why are host vacations always well deserved?


Contractually, they're entitled to a certain predetermined, negotiated number of vacation days.

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Like most companies, employees do get vacation.  I don't understand why posters have to ask about hosts if they don't see them for a day or two.  Also, many times they are at  the other Q channels plus they do have vacation time.