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Carla Hall was a FABULOUS host. She knocked it out of the park. She was able to transition quite easily from one product to another and made sure she explained the product thoroughly. I am not sure if QVC is considering hiring her full time. I think she would make them a gold mine of money. 

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@EZ shopper   Awful!!  I was enjoying seeing the bag, and the vendor was great.


I might have considered the bag, but Carla was so overbearing I shut it off.

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Hmmmm… I don’t think there’s anyone that would change my mind about buying something I really want. 🤗🤗🤗

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I don't know who she is either. Are we supposed to know who all these 50' women are?

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@EZ shopper wrote:

Who is she? Not enjoying her shows at all.  Way too quirky!

Very nice way to describe her.  I thought she was a mess.  What really got me was when she stuck her hand in the bag of popcorn, brought out a handful then put it back in the bag.

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I like Carla and her zany high energy style might breathe a breath of life into the mundane world of qvc.Yes I love the calmness of Marybeth and Pat and Jayne B but i also love the enrgy Rick or Rachel B bring. How much longer can we stand seeing David who I like, present the same old kitchen and food items ad nauseum, same with q2 ITHWM shows. Once in a while things need to be shaken up a little, bring some new into the same old same old. I think it sounds like many of us have grown tired of the incessant chatter of one host that seems to fill her time speaking of things othjer than the product While I can understand op's stating she has dietary restriction as i have for most of my life, I still enjoy watching others cook. I do not usually watch the gourmet holliday foods because for the most pasrt what they sell is so unhealthy except maybe the salmon.

There is eough on q for most to enjoy wathching something if you are into home shopping tv  which most younger folks are not. A steady diet of watching qvc hours on end is imo just as unhealthy as that food they are selling. Pick and choose what to watch and find other things to get interested in, watch another channel , read a book, go for a walk, call a friend. Something.

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  Have no desire to watch her sell  clothes.

  Thought she was  selling her cooking wares and prepared food as Rachel Ray  or  the other Chef's such as Wolfgang Puck  or Emeril  Lagasse  did on HSN.

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I enjoyed her on The Chew but I didn’t enjoy last night’s show. It’s obvious she’s comfortable in the kitchen & I would have liked to have seen more of her products. I’m not a good cook but my husband is. I liked the bowl that separated eggs & her grater was nice because it was flat.

She doesn’t have the knowledge about the other products like the eyeliner & the pop corn moment wasn't the best. But, I do like her & all her quirkiness. I hope QVC can develop a show that is interesting & different around Carla’s talents & not force her to sell the same old products.
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@ Not a fan. Smiley Frustrated

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Never heard of her until w/David.............not a fan either.