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And once again,it is geographic! Having lived different places I have seen how unkowing those who have NOT been around are!!!!

It is snowing in the pines
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I can go 2 hours south and hear a different pronunciation of almost every word.  Not a big deal. The world won't end.

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@PhilaLady1 wrote:

I say bayzul.  Since I have said the word basil maybe about 10 times total in my almost 65 years, I don't think that I will be working on correcting my pronunciation any time soon 😄

Me too.  Philly speak.  haha

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I googled air kisses. They originated in Asia and are standard practice in Hollywood. No mention of lip gloss.

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Where I come from it was always pronounced vaas-in-na-gaal. 🤣

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@loriqvc wrote:

As is the case with so many pronunciations people like to complain about, the way you say this word probably depends on where you were raised. If you understand what the person is saying and it isn't causing any actual problems, do yourself a favor and let it go. A comment here won't change anyone's behavior, and venting about something in a forum where people are prone to argue with you is just going to make you even more frustrated. Hope you have a nice night...

Foodnetwork uses baaasil alsoSmiley LOL

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@rms1954  I grow copious amounts of basil every year and pronounce it as Americans do. I could never pronounce it like the English, because it reminds me of the way Sybil Fawlty harped at Basil when he's done something wrong. 


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mine too!Woman LOL