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This is a first for me!   I had accidentally ordered the same item twice.  When I discovered it  and attempted to cancel one of them!    My order status now shows "attempting to cancel' for that object".   Has anyone else had this happen?  I have had them tell me it was too late to cancel even if it was just the next morning but never  "attempting to cancel!":womanfrustrate



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Yes, had it last week.  I might get that message if Item is being shipped directly from the vendor.  If vendor ha cranked order in their system - and it's almost complete = ready to ship..........QVC has no control to stop the transaction.


Yup = has happened several times to me.  Item was cancelled in some case and sometimes it landed on my porch.

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Had one that said that for about a week but it was an advanced order that went into processing. Says "cancelled" now.  


It's difficult to say if yours will be cancelled.  I don't think you will be charged return shipping if you tried to cancel.  


Email the Social Team with your order number and explanation.  

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@Newgate    I've recently had a couple of "attempting to cancels" and they seem to have gone through okay.  They're now cancelled. 

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My experience is that you should be on alert to mail it back when it arrives.  And it will. . . 

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Yes, HSN gives you a few hours to cancel.  QVC doesn't give you a few minutes and then it stays in processing for days.

I have double of two things, because their system was broken last week and now have to return two items.  They will not charge me for shipping, but you have to stay on that also.