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Re: Almost $7 Shipping and Handling for TSV!?!?

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I have one gray cat, but he is outnumbered by all the Torties. So, my house, the Torties rule! Lol.

LOL I have a blue cat too, and a tortie plus a couple black ones and a brown tabby. 

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Re: Almost $7 Shipping and Handling for TSV!?!?

I'm an eBay seller and I get a decent discount on shipping and know the pricing for UPS and USPS (which is what I use).  The cheapest is First Class but it has to be under 15oz in weight.  You can cram a lot into their Priority Enveloes (regular $4.95 my discount) or (padded $5.35) and they say you can get up to 70lbs in it.... LOL!  Sure.  Then come the Flat Rate Boxes (Small $5.35 about 5 x 7 x 2)  and we're not talking about insurance (Priority is free only up to $50, after that it's $2.35 per $50 value and that adds up)... also Signature Confirmation is extra.  If you decide to not use their Flat Rate Shipping boxes and box your own, you can guarantee that it'll cost a bit more, it just does.  If I use standard shipping, believe it or not, it's not that much less AND it takes forever and my customers would ding ME for it taking so long to get to them even though I had it shipped in 24 hours! 


Ebay wants all their sellers to OFFER FREE SHIPPING!!  I've tried everything.  If I build the shipping into the price of the item.... my sales drop like a rock.  So I went back to offering lower prices overall and exact or a little lower shipping costs.  This is working out well.


I'm mentioning all this because I can't figure out how QVC is making much money off shipping, if at all.  All their outgoing shipping HAS to be costing them even with their bulk rate.  Shipping costs just aren't that low even with them using standard shipping, even with their bulk rates!  BTW, anyone actually KNOW what the bulk rates actually are?  I'd love to know....


And the returns are far, far less than if I wrapped it and took it back myself.  I recently returned a large box and QVC's price (on the return label) was $10.95.  That box (going standard shipping) had I decided to pay for it myself would have been over $20.....


BTW, I've shipped quite a few pairs of shoes and boots and it's far more than $7.00 to get them to their new owners, especially in zones further away from me, some as much as $15....


So I've scratched my head over this a lot as I've read all the threads regarding this dissatisfaction in the shipping prices.... please break it down and explain it to me, I'd really appreciate it....  Woman Happy




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