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I canceled items totaling $1000 that were authorized to my credit card. These were canceled four days ago and the amount is still showing up as being authorized on my credit card. I called QVC to inquire about this today. The response I received was that I should contact the credit card company because QVC released the amount. I inquired how this was done and she told me they informed the credit card company via computer the very day of cancellation. I then proceeded to contact my credit card company who proceeded to tell me QVC NEVER contacted them, but could have and the money would have been released right away. Instead there is a customary waiting period of four full days. If a merchant, QVC in this case, does not send them a receipt in four days the credit card company then releases the money. So BEWARE if you cancel an item you charge QVC WILL NOT notify your credit card company even though the representative very clearly stated they did. I wish QVC would learn to tell the truth.