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Unresponsive to catnip: update

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My cat, Simone, didn't take to catnip originally. Someone mentioned that it could have been poor quaility, so I ordered fresh organic catnip from Chewy. That brand is given great reviews and considered high quality.  


I tried it out this morning on Simone, and hardly any reaction. She sniffed it and walked away. My thought is that she doesn't carry the gene for catnip. Simone is the first cat I've had who shows no reaction to it. She adores her toys, but couldn't care less about the catnip. It won't go to waste, however, because a friend of mine can use it for her cats. 


BTW, Chewy is a great company. I ordered from them before, and have always received the products in a couple days. 

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Re: Unresponsive to catnip: update

I have had a couple of cats over the years that was not effected by catnip either.  Others would go nuts.

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Re: Unresponsive to catnip: update

Catnip does nothing for my cat either.

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Re: Unresponsive to catnip: update

Catnip doesn't affect all cats the same.  Some love it, some ignore it.

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Re: Unresponsive to catnip: update

None of my cats have ever liked catnip nor have they ever liked or played with toys.

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Re: Unresponsive to catnip: update

Our cat didn't care for dried catnip, but we got a catnip plant and he LOVED it.  Go figure.