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UPDATE: Heartbreaking Story About 3 Dogs

Update 3/6: I talked with Tammy(animal control officer) and she said that I should contact the police that it was not their job. I asked her if she told them my name she said she told the lady that someone had been in her house the day before. I told her the doghouse was way over by the fence. She said the dog can still reach it on his cable. Also, I asked her if it was right to have the dog in cages and then being tied to chains or cables all day. She said that at least she takes them in at night. Also, that many animals live their lives outside tied up and at least she brings them in the house. She said the dogs love her. I said what about hitting them with the cane and she said that is how she controls them. She said never go by the house again that the woman is a little off. REALLY!! After this conversation, I can understand why people do not call animal control unitl it is too late. I think animal control is a little tainted because they work with abused animals all the time. I can say I was really angry that so little is cared about the animals. I have called animal control before and they did the same thing. They would check on the animals and that was about it. One time my dog was attacked by another dog and I had to take him to emergency. I called animal control and they went and talked to the party and warned them. Very discouraging.

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Re: UPDATE: Heartbreaking Story About 3 Dogs

@elated  You did your best and should be commended for trying.  You'd think the animal care & control people would be better advocates for the welfare of the animals.  It sounds as though they're too lazy to be bothered.  Many municipalities now have ordinances forbidding tying animals outside or at least limiting the time to an hour or two a day.


Thanks for updating us.

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