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Re: Mystery illness killing dogs

@77yangya,  I have so much I would like to say in response to your post but will limit myself to reminding you that there is not one single organism on earth that cannot be a source of illness from so mild it is not noticed to life threatening beyond help.


As for cats, they are no more innocent of potentially passing disease than a dog;  felines can spread a variety of zoonotic diseases, just as dogs, birds and other animals wild or domestic.  Zoonotic illnesses can be a  viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoan, nematode or arthropod infection that can be transmitted to humans from the domesticated cat, from a dog, from a bird, etc.


YOU, me, everyone is a potential source of illness and/or disease to other people and other animals. 


Unless, of course, you live in a 100% sterile environment.

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Re: Mystery illness killing dogs

I would also like to add that most dog parks are separated from children’s play areas.