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We just got the results of the biopsy on what turns out is a tumor on his back; it's called a Mast tumor. We talked it over with his vet, and have decided to do nothing.


We could do all kinds of expensive treatments, and/or surgery to remove it, but we've decided to leave it alone. He's 14 years old and has had a lot of health problems in his life; the poor little guy has been a real hard-luck case in that regard. He's already had a real nasty cancer (on the area he got all his immunization shots) that just about did him (and us) in.


So we're just going to leave it alone, and concentrate on keeping him comfortable and happy, and spoil him rotten even more than we already have Woman Wink This tumor right now seems benign; it could, eventually, become malignant. If that happens, we'll continue to keep him as comfortable as possible and let nature take its course. I suspect this situation will be a lot harder on our family than it is on him. And that's ok with me; all I want is for him to be happy and comfortable.







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I think that is the worse thing about having a pet .The trauma of dealing with sick pets is so sad . But they do give such joy .So I continue loving them and having them in my life .

I hope he continues to have a happy life .

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I'm so sorry to hear about BooBoo.  I would do the same thing.  I think that we sometimes will do anything we can, but our poor little ones don't know what is going on with all the probing and prodding and tests and surgeries and must wonder why are are putting them through that. 


For now, spend time on what BooBoo loves to do.  I think we can only keep them comfortable, happy, and shower them with love for all the time that they are with us.  





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Re: My poor BooBoo

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@FuzzyFace  Love him, spoil him and revel in him, everyone wins in this love fest, especially BooBoo! You are fortunate to have each other!  Blessings!

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Prayers sent to BooBoo. The main concern is to keep BooBoo comfortable and pain free as possible.


We’ve had to make decisions what’s best for our pets and ourselves. Never easy.

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I’ll be thinking about you, your family and Boo Boo. Hope all goes well for as long as possible.


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Thoughts and prayers for your sweet BooBoo, hug him and love him !!!

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I most definitely will!

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That is the decision I would make and have had to make.


General anesthesia in older pets is risky, just like in humans. Then there's the pain after the surgery.


I believe quality of life is very important. 


I would let him live out the rest of his life, happily being spoiled rotten, as long as he shows no sign of pain.


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I'm so sorry to hear these results @FuzzyFace.  I hope the tumor continues to be benign.  I would do exactly as you're doing.

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