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I woke up this morning walked into the kitchen. There is a door to the outside with a window. It has a curtain over it. She thought it was a way out for the curtain has been shredded from her jumping up last night. Thank goodness she didn't try for the glass. She has a few places to look out. A sewing machine which is always closed and food there which I call her table. In the den the venetian blinds are bent from her looking out. Nothing much for her to see except grass-no people or cars going. Won't give her back for I hear shelters put them to sleep. This morning she was on my lap and loves "bonking" me over and over. Can't then petting and scratching her over and over. What to do? Really don't want to have her outside all the time.

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Re: My cat again

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PLEASE keep her inside. I'm sure you know all the reasons. Many cats here who are allowed to roam during the day have gone missing and none have been found. None.


There are lots of coyotes coming around and I and others think these poor cats got killed and...well you know.


Raise the blinds during the day if you are home to keep the cat from bending them.


Talk to someone at a local shelter or adoption place (NOT a place that "sells" pets) for more advice.


I'm sure you'll get more good advice from the people here who have cats.


Our cats were always indoor cats and never missed being outside.


I don't know where you "heard" that shelters euthanize cats. If you must give her up, find a no-kill shelter. Please don't advertise in the paper, on line or on Craig's List. There are horror stories about what happens pets who are re-homed this way and it's not pretty.

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Just keep the blinds up and curtains open so she can see outside.  Cats love to look outside.  It doesn't matter what's out there.  They look for birds mostly.  Please don't give her to a shelter.  I have 5 cats and they are all inside cats,and always look out my kitchen window from the table. 

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I hope you'll not give her up.


Get some decals or stick on things to put on the window. I agree with the previous poster. Cats LOVE to watch out the window, they often see things we don't notice!


Keep her in the house.

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Is your cat neutered?  If not that would cause her to want to be outside.  There may be stray cats in the neighborhood that are coming by to visit and she is reacting. I have a cat tree high enough for my cat too look outside. She sits at the window watching all the activity. I also give her cat greens 😻 

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i do not know the back story on your kitty.  However, please find a few places where she can look out the window.  And give her a chance.  I adopted a kitty who had been an outside cat, had been abused, and did not seem even to want me near him.  It took two years for him to adjust and for me to find ways to help him adjust.  Seven years later he still is with me.  He looks out three windows where I have left blinds up a bit for him and arranged a comfy space for him, he no longer wants to go outside, and now wants me to hold and cuddle him. I wish you and your kitty well.

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Do not let her outside.


Trim her nails.  You can use your fingernail clippers and cut off the hook only.  You can see the pink in her nail to not cut in to.  Push on her paw with your thunb and forefinger and the nails will extend. 

If you need help, get help.


Remove any chance of her reaching the blinds.  Pets have got caught in them and died.


Good luck. Best wishes.  You will win.

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The above advice is excellent. Amazon and Chewy sell Kitty Condos at very reasonable prices. There are "ledges" that you can attach to windows which give kitty a great view

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I have a birdfeeder hanging outside my living room window and it keeps all of my cats entertained for hours. Kitties get bored, just like us. A cat condo is a GREAT idea and they have scratching areas on them which may solve that issue. They love to bat little balls around. Toys are a must, and VERY inexpensive. Just stay away from anything with feathers. They are very dangerous if swallowed. They seem to be on a lot of cat toys, but our pet store tells everyone at the check stand to please cut the feathers off. (FYI, ingested curling ribbon, dental floss, string, etc. can prove fatal. Be careful to discard those.) Cats are smart and amazing little creatures. Good luck and enjoy😻

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@halfpint1 So much good advice here.


I sincerely pray you use some of it and keep your sweet kitty safe. The window ledge and kitty grass are things we used for our cats and they worked wonders.


I hope you will update us and thanks for caring about your kitty.