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Inflammatory bowel disease in kitty

My kitty, Iris, is being evaluated for IBD.  She is about 10 years old.  We took her in as a stray, so I don't know all her past!


She is diabetic, and lost one eye a couple years ago due to a severe infection.  She is a rather "delicate" soul.  She started out as a wild child, and has calmed down a lot.  She is kind of a magnet for some reason for our 2 male cats.  This does not help her "soul!"  She does groom excessively, and is on amitriptyline for that.  She gets insulin shots twice a day, which doesn't seem to bother her much.


I mention the emotional stuff because I wonder if it has contributed to things.  She can't seem to groom her, um, private area enough.  It has caused much irritation, and we try to keep her clean.  You can guess how she loves that!  She had a few epidodes of vomiting and diarrhea to the point I held her insulin.  That stopped, but we have noticed her having small amounts of very loose stool frequently.


Took her to vet a few days ago.  All her labs were good, and they did a partial shave for cleaning.  They gave us an ointment, which we are putting on twice a day.  She was prescribed amoxicillin twice daily for 2 weeks.  She eats dry food, and we have been using Pro Plan Weight Management as it is closest to the prescription diabetic food.  We cannot afford to feed multiple cats the prescription stuff.  We are going to see if the antibiotic helps her and then see if we need to change her diet, or new medication, whatever.


Anyone have a kitty or dog with this disorder?



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Re: Inflammatory bowel disease in kitty

No, I haven't had any experience with IBS.  I just want to say what a loving and attentive mommy you are and hope that you find a resolution for your precious Iris..

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Re: Inflammatory bowel disease in kitty

Yes, my 13 year old DSH developed this in February, 2018.  Our vet put her on 1mg Budesonide and HIll's ID dry food.  She is doing great now.  HTH.  And, you are a great kitty Mom!!!!!

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Re: Inflammatory bowel disease in kitty



I have never dealt with this serious matter

with any of the many kitties that I have

had and currently have so I can't help you.


The best that I can do is to send your

precious girl tons of special healing prayers

and positive energy.


Bless your beautiful heart for all of

the incredible TLC that you are giving to

her.HeartCat Happy



All of my children have paws =^..^=

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Re: Inflammatory bowel disease in kitty



I'm sorry your precious kitty is not feeling well. I will keep you both in my prayers 









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Re: Inflammatory bowel disease in kitty

@hyacinth003, While I have never had experience with this issue, I want to give you credit for your loving care.  I hope your precious Iris if feeling much better soon.  Iris is lucky to have such a good Mommy.

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Re: Inflammatory bowel disease in kitty

Thank you for taking such great care of your furbaby. I've never had that diagnosis with a kitty but with bowel problems I've had good results with Fortiflora (not sure that's spelled right). It is a dry powder that you sprinkle on their food. It contains probiotics and helps with appetite stimulation also. I'd ask your vet about it. Just a thought. Good luck!

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Re: Inflammatory bowel disease in kitty

My kitty, Faith has IBD and is 14 and has had it for about 10 years.  She is also diabetic.  She is on an anti nausea medicine, Budesonide 1x a day, Flagyl, a probiotic and Pepcid at night.  she vomits a lot.  Also, she was on Hills ID but about 6 years ago needed to change her to a novel protein so she is on Natural BAlance Duck and pea.   She does well most days but still vomits about every 14-17 days.   Her biological sister, Virginia also had the IBD and passed in /march 2018 at 12 years old from small cell lymphoma.  

Faith is doing well and most days, still acts like a kitten!   I would do anything for her.

Hope this helps but do not give up and always remain hopeful.   Sometimes it is trial and error in finding what works.

Good luck  Nancy