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I woke up to find Henry sitting on my jewelry box like this a couple of days ago.

henry on jewelry box.jpg

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He's the cutest darn cat!!!

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Hes obviously taking his security responsibilities very seriously.  Your jewelry is safe.

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Henry's maybe thinking-

"It's mine!"

He is adorable and so is Ava! 

I love the picture of them both together barely fitting under the table side by side.😄

So so cute!


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I love your pictures of Henry, and his cute little round face... 🤗 thanks for sharing !
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What a Special Jewel he is! 💎 

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Henry is one handsome kitty. I just love him.

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He is so sweet and handsome and huggable.



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He's so cute I can't stand it.  I wish one of my cats would guard my jewelry.  

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He looks like such a character.  Was he staring at you?