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Molly had her 11th birthday yesterday!!! I took her for an hour walk so she could model her new pink collar and leash. It seems like just yesterday we picked her up when she was 9 wks. old. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOLLY. Her nickname is Molly Moo and her registered name is "Good Golly Miss Molly".



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What a cutie pie! Heart


ETA: I love her 'formal' name!

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She is really cute.  I love her name.. Happy birthday to Molly.


One of my dogs is named Mika and I call her Mika Moo.

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What a precious face.  She looks all tuckered out from her birthday celebration.  We get to a certain age and we can't party like we used to.Woman Surprised  Take it from me.Smiley Mad

                    Happy Birthday, Miss Molly

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Happy Birthday To Dog GIFs, gif funny happy birthday -
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Aww Molly has a good life!

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@docsgirl   She's resting up after the long walk in her favorite spot...always where I trip over her. She loves the heat vent in front of the kitchen sink. It's also a great spot to catch any food that may drop so she can quickly take it and run!!! Go Molly!

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A Happy Birthday to Molly. She's living the good life.

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Happy birthday sweet Molly Moo!


She is darling; I hope you have many more happy yearts together! Heart

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@Shanus Sending Molly birthday hugs!  She is beautiful Smiley Happy