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So sorry you lost your two girls -- likely everyone here understands your pain.


I've never found a solution for the terrible grief and hole it leaves in your heart.  Only time can help, and even that never really heals yours loss.


I've posted before that I lost 4 kitties in less than 2 years and it was overwhelming.  


I'm down to one senior boy, and will not adopt again until he is gone -- maybe never.  


Helping local rescues with fund raisers and financial support makes me feel I'm doing something to help other sweet creatures.


It's something, but never enough.

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Be at peace because you were a loving pet mom, and now they are  forever at peace.  I lost my dog & cat three days apart ... one sudden, one expected, so I share in your grief.  May your heart be comforted by wonderful memories one day soon!

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hugsto you.  i knmow that words can not heal, but they can help.  i have been there and it hurts like heck.  just remember       th at it hurts so much because you care so much.

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I am so sorry for your loss and struggling right now.  You will grieve this hard loss in your own way and eventually with time be able to remember only wonderful thoughts for your beloved kitties....I understand well, it is indeed painful!  With all the love you have in your heart and the healing that is needed, think about providing a home to a kitty who needs a home full of love, you will both benefit!

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A huge thank you to all who offerred advice and condolences.  Here I sit one week after my girl suddenly passed and the waves of sadness are fewer, the tears still come but not as often, and I can more often smile when thinking of the happy times and the millions of times she made me laugh or comforted me simply by sittinf with me and allowing me to pet her fine fur.  Thankfully I have iphone videos so I can still hear her little voice and see her kneading the blanket on my bed.   So, healing is happening.


You all have been so gracious with your thoughts, orayers, and counsel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


New kittens will join us at some point.  We have started to explore and will head to a shelter this week to see if anyone adopts us.  And I am looking into charitable things I can do to help shelter kitties.  I rescued greyhounds for years so I know the joy of helping a pet in need.


These tiny creatures offer so much love.  I was always a dog person.  These 2 girls were my 1st cats.  I had 5 wonderful years with them...and now I know the joy that cats can bring to my life...I will nver be without one again.

Thanks again to all.  

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God Bless You, @srgtdj  You are a gem!