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I just adopted my cat Sophie (Full name is Sophia Loren) this past July from our local Humane Society.  She is a 7 year old tabby tiger and just so sweet and adorable.  It took her a little while to get used to us, but now she is so happy and spoiled.  I have an older cat also (11 years old) Lily.  They are now starting to get along with eachother.  I wish I could adopt all of the beautiful animals at the shelters.  But I say my prayers to St. Francis to help all of them find their safe and loving furever homes.  Thank you to all who adopt from the shelters because you are truly saving their lives.  

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God Bless you.  You are a kind soul.  

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Sorry, I meant God Bless you for Katie Ann. You are a kind soul.  

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IG wrote:

My avatar is my abused rescue Kingston. He has scars down his back from being burned. 


We celebrated our 1st year anniversary of being together this past Christmas Eve!Heart

Sending your beautiful boy tons of hugs and kisses...please deliver! Clearly his life was a living H*ll until you rescued him...and I know that it's

now pure Heaven on Earth!





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IMG_0185.JPGOur little 9 year old rescue.  She's been in our home for 6 months now. 

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We adopted our Chloe from the Humane when she was 5 years old and found wandering the streets of a large city.  We had her for 9 wonderful years before she passed onto the bridge.  We then adopted our current dog, Cody, a 10 year old, 105 lb. lab from a family who, though they had him from a puppy, no longer had "time for him".  What?  Anyway, their loss is our gain for he is the sweetest, kindest, gentle giant and we love him as he loves us.

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Re: Fellow Rescuers

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I lost a rescue yesterday.   My old Aussie,  Jennie,  who had been doing poorly in recent weeks died peacefully at home. I had a vet appointment for 4:30pm yesterday but Jennie passed away early in the afternoon. 


I had her almost 13 years and she was estimated to be 5-6years old when I got her,  which was obviously wrong,  but she was no puppy,  probably 3-4.  I had no huge emotional attachment to her; she was not affectionate,  was very independent,  rarely wanted attention or petting.   I think she'd been a working herding dog as she came from a sheep growing area in Texas.  She was AKC herding instinct certified. 


She was a character.   She loved to sail over my 6ft fence and go visiting.   Loved people and kids especially.  Everyone in the neighborhood knew her.   If they ordered her to go home she'd dutifully obey and jump back into the yard.   She was caught snarfing up lunchbox leftovers at a nearby middle school when it let out in the afternoons.  No dog ever love to ride more than Jennie... She was known to have jumped into both the UPS truck and the mail carrier's Jeep.   It was a sad day when she could no longer jump into my SUV. 


Her presence will be greatly missed.





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Oh @Kachina624,

Jennie was such a beauty.  I am glad that her passing was a peaceful one and I extend my deepest sympathy to you and your other dogs as well.  I  know they will also feel the loss.

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