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The itching could be seasonal allergies, high tree pollen count right now in our neck of the woods. 

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You've probably had a look at Westie rescue sites.  This one has a diet particularly to help with that itchy Westie skin.  Here's the link in case you find it useful:

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I would recommend Orijen or Acana kibble. This is what I feed my dog. I switch the flavors around at times. I add a spoonful of wet food; just tried a new brand KIWI. Have not seen my dog be as excited about food in a while. She is a picky eater.

In general, stay away from grains, and eliminate chicken. If alleries persist, try single meat based food. Acana has nice choices like Pork with Pear.

My local indipendant pet food store will take back food that doesn't work for the dog and recommend something else. A nice policy that allows me to try something new sometimes, as all these brands are expensive.

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I have GSD's and feed them FROMM. My female has very sensitive skin and allergies and is super sensitive to her food. This brand works for her. You feed them less food with this brand than most others so for my budget needs with two big dogs it works. I tried the small bag before I switched them over to this brand to see how they would do. Their original chow brand went out of business but it was of the same quality.


There are many dog food rating listing on line. It can be over whelming but it helped me harrow down what to check out in the pet store. My pet store offers a money back policy if your dog doesn't like the chow. Not sure if othes do the same but it's s worth asking the question.  

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I have used Anamaet for years, they love it and it is sold where Fromm and Verus are but I havent seen it at Petco or Petsmart I dont think.


BilJac is another that really smells good to me anyways!


There is Anamaet for cats & dogs, different formulations.

its not all that expensive. My dogs have done very well on it. They are both 17!

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Our Vet is very knowledgeable about all the brands, sourcing and nutrition.  She recommends a limited number of companies, and recently strongly suggested we stop giving our Airedale one of the dry foods we feed her because the company changed the formula and she no longer liked the end result.

We give our beautiful 7-1/2 year old girl FROMM'S DUCK & SWEET POTATO for breakfast and dinner, and mix in a little MERRICK wet food with her dinner.  She has the spunk and energy of a puppy and is a happy girl.

Good luck in your search.

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@GingerPeach Thank you for the link to the diet recipe!  I have looked at the rescue sites before but had never seen the recipe.  If the Fromms and Apple Cider Vinegar fail my Sophie Marie we will give this a try for sure! 


Thanks again!

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Great, @Deb665

I once had a Westie mix, but found the diet too late.

She was a real sweetie (and a character, too).House-floor 2010 029.JPG

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I used to use Orijen for my two miniature Australian Shepherds, but that brand did not offer a small pellet in the dry food, so I switched to FROMM which does offer a small pellet for small dogs.  I think these two brands would be too expensive for 3 large dogs, though.  


Finding the right food for our pets is such a struggle.  I hope you find the best one for them soon.

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My dogs are picky eaters and their vet said to put a tablespoon of cottage cheese on top their dry food.  It works most days.