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Pet Wellbeing products. They have a urinary issues one. I gave my 21 year old cat the kidney product for 5 years and it kept her going. It's a natural product. It will help. Also for cleaning up messes get Nature's Miracle Just for Cats. 


These things really will help. I had a pee er. 


Pet Wellbeing . com. 


Good luck. 

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I know that different people love their animals in varying degrees.... for me, I will admit up front that I'm a total fanatic about my own and the ferals and strays that have come into my life, as well as neighbors' animals that are not being cared for properly. I don't mean to offend anyone, this is just me. I don't judge anyone if they get frustrated with their situation, but I would expect a person who has adopted a pet to do everything they can afford to do to alleviate the situation before " getting rid of this pet very quickly".  I'm sorry, but that choice of words is offensive to me.  By "afford" I'm referring to the well-being of the pet, not that one has the means but would just prefer to spend the money elsewhere.


Over the past 30+ years, one poodle, six cats, ferals, and spending money and time trying to help care for a neighbor's pets, I've spent enough to build a wing onto my vets' hospital, or buy myself a brand new car. I just got 4 ferals through a hurricane, and it isn't easy at my age.  One of my cats (my special baby-my avatar), had kidney disease and with about 500 trips to the vet for treatments (not an exaggeration), three bouts in the animal hospital, medications, etc., I provided her an additional 4 years with a good quality of life.  I needed a car, but I needed her much more.   Because I'm also helping out a family member who has problems, I'm spending money now that I really can't afford to care for 4 feral cats outside, as well as two inside, all of which came from the same stray mama who left them with me. I've put up with "accidents" on furniture, cat footprints on cars, sickness, and all that goes with having pets.  And they have given me more pleasure and unconditional love than I ever expected or felt I deserved.


As I said before, I'm not judging anyone... everyone earns their money and they have the right to spend it as they choose.  They also have the right to a peaceful life without the frustration being experienced by the OP.  I know everyone doesn't feel the way I do, to each his own.  But when I adopt a pet, it is for life, a "forever home" no matter what, for better or worse.  Only when I'm told by the vet that the animal is in pain or suffering and can no longer be helped, do I let them go.  So I agree with another poster, if the OP gets rid of this pet, life would probably be better and happier without another one.  JMO

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@Big Joanie wrote:

Unfortunately this is why I cannot own a pet .. I can't afford it ....


We are supporting our adult daughter .. that's all I can do

on S.S.

That’s ok @Big Joanie. You do what you can do. It costs to have animals. Take care of your daughter and appreciate your honesty.

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@kittymomNC     God Bless you my friend for having a kind heart and for loving and helping all those animals.  

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Maybe rethink your priorities.  


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@Meowingkitty wrote:

Kitty isn’t doing this to be mean, he has a medical issue. We had one several years ago and they performed surgery to rerout things and he had to pee squatting like a girl kitty. He live many years as a happy kitty. I know $1000 a year is a lot but think of all the joy kitty provides. Don’t just get rid of him. There are alternatives. 

My sister had a male cat with this problem. He also had this surgery. It essentially changed the openings so that they urniate like a female cat. 

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@mimomof4 wrote:

Thank you for the suggestion I will look at those today.


Our cat is 10 years old and I have been dealing with this for the past 5 years.  So far he has ruined 4 couches.  In the past month he urinated on my sons bed twice and this morning it was on the kitchen table - hence my feeling that this was the last straw.

My thougt is to keep him out of bedrooms. Keep doors closed. I had a large cover that I bought from QVC to go over the sofa ia has a plastic back. i don't know what to tell you if you have carpeting. i have dealt with this issue and it is awful. No one what to ive in a house with cat urine smell. But the cost of replacing furniture might be more than the cost of surgery on this cat. I don't think this is a mental issue and if my vet. told me this I would get another vet. 

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I had 10 indoor cats but now only have 8 plus 2 dogs.  First thing...check your litter box.  Make sure it is cleaned daily or more and don't keep switching litter brands.  If it has a cover get rid of the cover as most cats don't like a covered litter box.  I use Tidy cat which works wells for me and the kitties - it keeps the smell down but I also clean their boxes at LEAST 3 times a day.  I have a system and it only take me 5 minutes to clean 7 boxes.  Also, make sure to wash out the litter box monthly.  Some say weekly but who has the time....sometimes I don't even do it monthly.


Make sure you feed him dry food made specially for urinary issues and also give him wet food.  


If you have other pets make sure they are not harassing your cat and preventing him from getting to the litter box.  I had a problem with some of my younger male cats picking on a female so she started acting out by peeing where ever she found peace.  I cured the male kitties with a spray from the water bottle.  If your kitty goes on the carpet use OXYCLEAN...this removes the odor and stain.  I love itl


Finally, if nothing helps then start using doggy pee pads under your sheets and any where else you need it.  I had 2 elderly dogs (that recently passed away this year) and they had accidents in the house.  Instead of getting mad I just started putting pee pads all over the place and hoped for the best.  I put pee pads down and then covered them with washable throw rugs.  My Fuzzy boy was a huge dog with spinal arthritis and could hardly move but he tried his best to go outside and eventually he just had to pee in the house on the pads...I felt so sorry because he would look up at me with those big brown eyes saying I'm sorry Mommy.  God I miss him....I'm getting teary eyed right now.  By the way, if you have Publix grocery stores near you, they have a terrific brand of doggie pee pads.  They are the best and I tried every brand out there.


Good luck and remember that your kitty is not doing it on purpose.

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What kind of cat litter are you using now, how many boxes do you have and where are they placed?

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@mimomof4 wrote:

Has anyone had any experience with a pet who had continual urinary issues?  At least twice a year my cat has episodes where he can't urinate.  This results in him only being able to urinate when his body is completely relaxed and sleeping.  That means urine in places I don't want it.Smiley Mad


This morning was my last straw in dealing with it.  I'm tired of spending over $200 twice a year at the vet and getting meds the vet and I know will only work temporarily.  At this point the condition is highly mental instead of just physical - I believe.  Additionally I have to buy special cat food.  The cat is costing me at least $1000 per year which I would prefer to  use elsewhere in the budget.


Any ideas for natural remedies?  If I can't find something I will be getting rid of this pet very quickly.

I went through this with one of my cats until I stopped giving him tap water and changed to only bottled water.  He never had another episode.  There was apparently something in the treated water that was contributing to the formation of urinary crystals and stones.  He did not get prescription food.


Jump ahead a few years and I had a similar problem with my dog.  He developed a large bladder stone and once removed he was switched from our well water to bottled water.  It has been over five years and he never had another episode.


Just something to consider.

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