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This is what I want Jane is so clear and never explaining too much.I am happy tonight !

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I enjoy her too. She just gives information, is very pleasant, and doesn't try to be too cute. It's about the products, not her. Nice for a change.
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I'm enjoying the show ~ Courtney looks adorable ~ Jayne is beautiful!
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I would like to see Jayne as the permanent host of PMS. She explains things so well and gets right to the point.

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I posted on the other thread enjoying the show as well. Jayne is a very good host when she is alone. I also enjoy Courtney for a change. More grown up but keeping that young attitude toward clothing. It's a pairing I would have never thought of but they work together. Now if Susan Graver would just grow up!!

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I prefer Jane alone and Pat alone, they are both great hosts.

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Could someone pull the plug on Susan's mike. That woman never takes a breath.

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Love Jayne! She has a great sense of humor.

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She doesn't make the show all about her.

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agreed! Jayne is so comfortable in front of the camera. I really enjoy her n she n Courtney r working well together. Keep em as the new pm style team!!