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Is David out promoting his newest book or has he left QVC? Have you heard? He'll be out this Wednesday for the big cooking event day and next Sunday. Marybeth lightly said on the cooking with David show Sunday he may be out until Christmas? Did I hear that right?

Just wondering. It's amazing how things get picked up on. How many times I've heard "happy dance." Yes, David has left his mark for sure. Every time I hear happy dance, I think of David.

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I hope at 1:12 in the morning, he was somewhere getting a goodnights sleep.!!!!

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I think he has a day off but in this business you never know. MaryBeth did a good job but David is one of a kind. A few people dislike him, a few think he can do wrong, most of us just enjoy his antics. I like the happy dance but hate the fake kissing bit with female vendors. But few on air personalities can make selling kitchen "stuff" actually fun.

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sorry not a fan of his, and another host does the fake kissing, if you watch her mouth, it goes sideways - i just don't get the kissing of the vendors anyway. if i were a vendor (I know, glad your not) I wouldn't want a host doing that. too many germs

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Sorry but I used to enjoy watching David but all those yum yum faces on everything he tastes and lets not even go there with that happy dance, IMO it's so childish and looks ridiculous for a grown man to be doing. I guess everything has to be yummy to him but I've tried a few and believe me they were far from doing a happy dance for!