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vitamix replacement update

I just got my notice for my blade replacement for my vitamix---due to the volume of replacement requests, they have set up a queueing system----so the end of June, I will get an email on how to ship the container back for blade replacement--I have 3 weeks to ship it back and it should be replaced mid July. No word on how long it will take to get it mailed back to me. But if I want to get a $70 check I can do that option now, if I act on that within the next 7 days of getting this email. No mention of how long that will take to get back to me. Will still get the new blade and just change it out when I want to use a different size container---that is very easy to do, btw. To buy a new blade assembly from the VM website is $116. I'm sure the $70 has to be used on that website. 

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Re: vitamix replacement update

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I would take the $70.00 check option wagirl, because I feel that would be the most expedient way to handle the issue to your complete Vitamix consumer satisfaction.


Please do keep us updated wagirl, and good luck!





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Re: vitamix replacement update

Mine is scheduled for September.  Not too happy about that.  It has been so long.  

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Re: vitamix replacement update

I just purchased my first Vitamix last year and hope I don't have any issues with the blades. I don't understand why companies don't want to admit the product was defective and quickly issue a fix. It should not take a lawsuit for customers to get replacement blades for a faulty product. You have a machine you paid for and or still paying for and it doesn't work.

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Re: vitamix replacement update

@Daysdee    Same here.