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i have been steaming vegetable and protein in both the mcm egg cooker and the copper chef egg cooker.  it has worked fabulously.  i just have to monitor and find the exact amount of time (with practice).  my asparagus, green beans (hericot verder), corn, and sweet potatos have come out great..  i have also used to reheat pizza, pasta, sandwiches, meats, etc.  You just have to experiment with the amount of water.  sadly i have not documented such.  just off the hip.  i will try to be more precise regarding the amount of water to put in.  has anyone else tried?  please inform the rest of us!


these machines can do more than cook eggs!!!

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I steam vegetables and chicken, but I just use the Kuhn Rikon large steamer pot. I never thought about using it to reheat food, but I'm going to try it.

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How do you get all that food in that itty bitty egg cooker?   Do you put water in to reheat pizza and sandwiches?

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When you buy a rice cooker, there are usually instructions included for steaming veggies & other foods.   Maybe you can find a manual online and use it as a guide on how to use your egg cooker.


Otherwise, I got nothing!

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I never thought of steaming anything else but eggs in the Henrietta Hen egg steamer! I will either roast or steam vegetables when I make them.


Thanks for reminding me - I need a new steamer for my cooking pot!