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{}Now that the humidity has arrived in the northeast I need the item numbers for lock n lock storage containers for chips,pretzels, crackers.

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I don't know the numbers, but where is Chris for Lock N Lock this morning-I miss her!

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K39536 might work for you. Chris said they can be used for snacks.

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I use K40156 for cracker storage, especially saltines. The sleeves fit in nicely, maybe 6 of them, at least 4. You can also put stuff in loose. This set also comes in colors, K39809. I just leave two of them sitting in the corner on the counter, but they easily stack on pantry shelves.

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Any container can be used for any item. Just find the sizes you want. None of them are specific to storing one given item.

But, when you do a search, search 'Lock & Lock' (not Lock n Lock).