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Re: Why am I always surprised?

@depglass wrote:

The door on my frig is a genuine safety hazard, the chance of something falling on your foot is pretty good.  I have stuff jammed in there, mustards, salad dressings, sour cream tubes, horseradish.  Not duplicates, just a lot of variety.  

@depglass So true! On any given day I'll have chocolate syrup, ketchup or hot sauce falling either when I close or open the door!

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Re: Why am I always surprised?

Cleaning out the refrigerator? Wow is that a thing? I have 2 refrigerators, packed full, and I live alone-- Always been that way- though when I had  was married and had kids living here, i acutally had LESS in the (single) frige than I have now- i have at least 8 different kinds of mustard, dont even get me started on dressiings and BBQ sauces...I even have banana ketchup!

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Re: Why am I always surprised?

omg. my wife likes frig very neat. if i put something in wrong place she will tell me is it asking to much to put stuff away where you found it. she would so freak out at what you just described.

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Re: Why am I always surprised?

I have alot of bottles with dribs and drabs of the product in them---too much to throw way but not enough to use without opening another bottle. I do combine things into one sometimes--like for a bbq sauce. Turns out pretty good and sometimes I combine salad dressings too, but only if it all is still good, of course