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Whoever posted about the Produce Cleaner from Trader Joe's- Thank you!!!


A few months back there was a post about what to clean vegetables and fruits with. Someone mentioned they got theirs from Trader Joe's. We have one in my city, so when I was finally able to get to it.. I had to ask to find it...and I am so HAPPY with it. For those of you who are interested in it. It is called "Environne" Fruit & Vegetable Wash. Says proven to remove pesticides,waxes,chemicals. Non-toxic,concentrated,rinse clean.. You can apply a few drops directly to produce and rub for about 30 seconds or do a batch of something. It comes in a tall slender round plastic bottle (16 oz.) ...and Made in the USA! I searched for a looong time to find somethng like this. Maybe those of you who are interested but don't have a Trader Joe's could get it from online? Not sure if it's exclusive to Trader Joe's or not. You know when you find something good, you gotta tell somebody about it!

Have a blessed week~