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Where is yellow?

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Temptation has all the choices of colors except the happy, cheery yellow that I love. .Wonder why yellow is never an option?

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Sadly, the yellow Old World pattern was discontinued years ago, along with lilac and grey. I had forgotten they ever had grey until I happened to scroll past a set someone was selling on ebay recently.

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@cornicopia - Unfortunately for us Tara decided to discontinue the yellow old world pattern years ago even though it was a popular color.  I bought a large set of yellow bakers about 10+ years ago.

I couldn't decide on either the yellow or the blue back then.  Wish I had ordered the blue which is what I went to when I purchased additional pieces.  I guess it's always a chance we take what will be continued and what colors will cease to exist.  

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I liked the lavender/purple TT.  No longer buying any more now though even if those colors were available.  (The Eggplant is nice.)  I don't understand why she discontinued yellow.   I think it is still a popular kitchen color.