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Have you noticed how many QVC products, like Temptations, Cooks Essentials, and more, are being sold on Zulily?  And on Nobody Lower you can find many Curtis Stone, Wolfgang Puck, and more, products sold there.  Are those just the leftovers that didn't sell on QVC?

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Re: What's going on?

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@ncmama - Zulily is part of the Qurate Group that owns QVC and HSN, so I'm not surprised about products appearing there. However, it has been interesting to see items such as LocknLock and Campanelli dusters appearing on Woot lately—but since both of these brands are also sold at a variety of other retailers, it isn't that shocking. A slight surprise came when I purchased LocknLock and Campanelli items from Woot and found that they were being shipped by QVC, so I'm guessing there may be a surplus somewhere (or perhaps colors or styles that are less popular at the Q).

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Most sites like those sell surplus or close-out merchandise. Q sells theirs to those types of companies, as do other companies. I once saw a lot of SGraver and QFactory clothing at a JCPenneys in an outlet mall many years ago. No telling what you will find in discount sites.

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Customer returns.  Just like the ones here you pay full price for.

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I see a lot of items on sale tables at Ollie's as well.

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Zulily is increasingly being used as the QXH clearance outlet. 


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Merchandise must be coming from all the returns. 

Not enough of certain items left in stock to show on air.

If QVC & HSN are no longer selling these brands that could be the reason. I don't watch so I don't know what brands they sell.

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@Snowpuppy wrote:

Customer returns.  Just like the ones here you pay full price for.



I rarely if ever get 'customer returns' unless I go on Wait list or order AS is...which I do not do often.


Everything I get is brand new.


I usually pay the QVC price for NEW only.


There are different labels used for items previously returned, so it is very easy to confirm.

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Zulily is a discount site owned by Qurate, like QVC and HSN, so it only makes sense that it would be used to unload excess or unsold merchandise. 

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FWIW, the LocknLock and Campanelli items I recently purchased from Woot that were fulfilled by QVC were definitely brand new—I had previously purchased these items directly from QVC, and the packaging was identical and each item pristine.