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Vitamix is a great machine.  I bought one from QVC about 8-10 years ago.  However, what they do not include in the sales pitch is the Vitamix you buy from QVC is an exclusive model to QVC and therefore may not be compatible with all Vitamix accessories.  I tried to purchase some upgrades and was told: 1.  My model is an old one and Vitamix improvements are for newer models, and 2.  The machine I have is unique to QVC only,so who knows if newer accessories will work.That is analogous to having a 10 year old car which needs a new part and the company does not make newer parts to repair an old car.  Vitamix clearly does not care for customers who have been with them for decades, only catering to newer customers who go high tech.  So, beware of the sales pitch QVC delivers and consider buying either directly online with them or buy from a store with a door which sell newer and more expensive models.

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@Barkanyc All companies constantly upgrade their products. I would find it odd that they would carry parts for a machine as old as yours is.

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Jan - the vendor says - "V" last for 30 - 40 years and you hand it down to the

next generation or two.

For that statement I would expect the company to carry parts.


Now if you want to add a new feature  (like slicing) and the older model doesn't have a 

connection built in the 10 year old machine - then I wouldn't expect that to work.

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Yet Kitchen Aid attachments that use the hub work on all KA's both new and oled. A corporate philosophy that works


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Most of the products which QVC sells which are brands you see on the mass market are items specifically for QVC (Traeger, Dyson, Shark, etc. Big box stores are actually the same way.  Using Weber grills as an example the model you buy at Home Depot is not the same (although it may look the same) as the one which I purchase from my local Weber dealer.  


Unlike Kitchenaid - Vitamix is NEVER sold as you can use an accessory with any model.  I'm not surprised that you can't buy a particular accessory for your 10 year old Vitamix.  


Buyer beware everywhere you shop.

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@Barkanyc---am curious--what accessories were you wanting for your VM?


I bought mine about 4 years ago from the Q, after using my moms brand new one she got in 1980. It was totally stainless steel and worked great until the parts to repair it were so pricey or not available anymore. For my new one, I bought the grain canister and blades off ebay and they work great with my model.