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Does anyone know when the next TSV on Vitamix will be?

Which one do you recommend? I'm about to pull the plug and buy one.

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First, I think they are all good, but my favorite is the 7500. It is the priciest, but it is currently on 6 pay. It is the most powerful, quieter than others, and has a different jar design which allows it to fit under most cabinets and is easier to clean. This is the model I replaced my 5000 with, and I love it.

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Love mine, got it originally at Costco. I took pity on my daughter gave it to her. She has more to feed. In my case only hubby and myself. However, I decided I could not live without it so I made another purchase directly from Vitamix with some kind of discount because it was a new reconditioned model. Wonderful customer service and wonder device. Best money spent. Nothing like it.

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If you don't need easy pays. There are refurbished ones on their website at very good prices and the same warranty. That is where I got mine.
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I bought their TSV 3 weeks ago so I think it might be a while before they have it again.

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The 7500 is a hot pick today, an excellent price and 6 easy pays.