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About 5 ? months ago my daughter got the Vitamix special of the day.  It included the machine and both the wet & dry containers, the tamper, cookbooks, etc.  The price was phenomenal.  She wanted one for a very long time & was thrilled to finally get one.  Well, not so much now.  She has barely used it, & already it's not working.  She says that the blades are barely spinning.  She will be contacting them to have it repaired, but I'm curious if anyone else has had problems with theirs.  I have an older model & I've never had a problem with it.  Guess they don't make them like they used to.  I bought mine directly from Vitamix.  

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Re: Vitamix Problems

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I’ve shared before that I donated my Vitamix when I got a Ninja storm and I’ve never regretted it. I also had to send mine in for repair once due to a burning smell, never really resolved but I only used it for brief periods. Mine also left pieces of frozen fruit in smoothies 😟. 

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@CindyDale   Sorry to hear about the problem your daughter is having.  


I purchased my Vitamix from QVC several years back--9 or 10--and it is used almost daily without me experiencing any problem with it at all and I have had no problem with obtaining the smoothest consistency in the "pour" test they always demonstrate.  I bought the dry contaier separately and that works fine, too.


I am sure they will honor the warranty.



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My Vitamix was one of those thing I convinced myself that was a must and bought one on impulse at a Costco when I saw the demo.  In the beginning, we were drinking more smoothies, so there was a chunk of time where it received regular use, but overall I haven't used it like I thought I would.  These days it just sits there taking up valuable counter space.  I offered it each of our kids and they didn't want it. I'll probably try to sell it locally.  

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I got my moms VM---- she bought it brand new in 1980----she used it for years and I used it for prob 3 years more with no problem ever--it was the total stainless steel canister with the clear top that clamped on the base----I had to find parts for it on occasion and then when I couldn't find the parts or they were too pricey, I bought a new one from the Q---that was about 4 years ago--use it nearly every day. but she does need to contact CS about the problem--well worth having them fix it or replace it--I believe they will pay to return it and send it back

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I have to admit that I seldom use mine, but it's just that I don't make things that I would use it for much these days. 


That said, it's a great machine and they are an outstanding company.  I'd contact them.   I assume they cover the ones purchased on QVC, but not sure.


TBH, I probably wouldn't buy something like that at QVC.  I got mine from the Vitamix company and can feel confident that no shortcuts were taken in manufacturing.   You never know when you buy appliances elsewhere.


I've heard a lot of stories about QVC-purchased Vitamixes having problems that others don't, so that's the only reason I mention all that.   Smiley Happy