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@Campion wrote:

His green pans were lousy. I feel bad about that, because he cooked for me years ago when we went to a small place he had before he was famous. Open kitchen, very trendy. Then he got really big. But the pans are no good at all.


I have a couple of pieces of the Elite copperfused line from several years ago.  I'm still using them and loving them, and they are so pretty.  :-)



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@RainyDayGal I had a set of his hard anidized cookware from when he first introduced it about 8-9 or more years ago and loved them.  Looked the way I got them when I sadly had to part with them.  I am not cooking on induction and unfortunately they don't work on induction.  Gave it to someone who is ecstatic about heaving them.

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I'm watching the presentation.  He turned out a fritatta but some stuck on the pan.  One of the assistants was trying to scrape it off, she had trouble and quickly moved out of camera range.


Other than that, it's tempting because of it's versitality.  The pizza and breads look good.

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Re: Todd English

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I don't like it.


Looks bulky and difficult to use.   Especially having to take off and on the paddle mechanism.


And it takes up too much counter space.


I'll stick with my C.E and Eric Thease Air Fryer XL Air Fryers.     Smiley Wink

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I just got it today and love it so far.  First thing I did was cut up a potato, brushed with peanut oil and air fried.  Air frying really works well! 


For dinner, I steamed some frozen White Castles.  I was raised with those things and now live in an area that doesn't have the restaurants.  They turned out great! 


Tomorrow I'm going to eat healthier.  I will stir fry brussel sprouts and may try air fried chicken breast. 


So far, Im loving this thing.  Clean up is easy and the paddle is very easy to remove and put on.  I think the thing will get lots of use.  I got the Merlot, which is very nice, but sorta wish I went with the purple. 

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@theone I am so glad you like your new cooker.  It really seems like something that makes a lot of sense, but for me  it is just too big.  It's just me and the cat.  When Todd English was on HSN, I ordered his pressure cooker and love it.  It really is good quality so I assume he is still selling quality items.