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DId anyone happen to see ITKWD today (6/3)?  There was a presentaiotn for the silicone spurtle.  In that presentation there were some mixing bowls (at least I think they were mixing bowls).  They appear to be ceramic and had a pour spout.  Different sizes, different colors.  Has anyone evver seen these before?  Does anyone know the brand?  I've searched here at the Q but can't find anything.  Any ideas or tips would be appreciated.  Thank you!

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The item you're referring to is K46460

Rachel Ray Set of 3 Dip Glazed Stoneware Mixing Bowls $55 - in various colors.

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I saw them but I don't like the bottoms are "unglazed".  I'd think they would scratch my counters & look heavy.


Best bowl set I've bought is the Wolfgang Puck SS with silicone bottoms years ago from HSN.

and before I got them I used Kitchen Aid set of 3 spout style bowls (they are melamine and have silicone ring on bottom).  I bought mine at Marshall's yet I did see Q sells them.