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Can anyone recommend a good toaster that will work for more than 3-4 months? I have purchased 2in the last 8 months and one stopped ' popping toast up' then died - the second a Black & Decker 4slice - started losing heat about a month ago but was still usable then today one side of the 4 slots died. Any recommendations gratefully received.
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I like my Cuisinart Metal Classic 2-Slice Toaster. It looks nice and has lasted.

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You might go to and read reviews. They tell it like it is.
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The West Bend Egg and Muffin Toaster. I have the two slice but there is a four slice Product Details on Amazon for $69. I use mine every day to make an egg mcmuffin without all the fat. I use turkey sausage, a multi-grain English muffin, and different cheeses. it is the way to boil eggs as well, quick and easy, plus way healthier and cheaper too! I've had mine 6 years or so. I've not had any problems with it either. I got mine after my old one quite toasting.

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Kenmore. Better than any other brand I have tried even very expensive ones.
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I like our Cuisinart Metal Classic toaster.