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 The one where you set a chicken on a cone shaped thing in the middle of a pan and then you roast it in the oven that way. I’ve always wondered… Is there a lot of grease splatter inside the oven from that? I have a pan with one of those things as an accessory and I’ve never used it because I worry about the splatter. I’d like to hear your experiences. 


Thanks in advance.

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  I have one & use it a lot.There is some splatter but not a lot. When the oven cools I go over it with a damp sponge.

  IMO it’s worth it .The chicken comes out moist & tender. I have the one where you can put liquid or herbs in the center of the cone.I usually add fresh garlic & wine or beer.It’s delicious 😋.

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I have a pan and cone for that and have never used it, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I've found roasting whole chicken either in a heavy dutch oven or on the Philips rotisserie both work so well I'll probably never use that upright method.


It's interesting that whether it's in a closed heavy container or a spacious oven, or an open air turning spit, it can still come out juicy, just a little different.

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I've never done a chicken this way but my friend does using her "bundt" pan.  It is crispy and good but not sure about "splatter".