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I have numerous sets of temptation.  Now I'm retired and don't cook much.  I wish you could use these on the cooktop.  I would use them more frequently.  Another problem i have with them is that they are so heavy.  I have a hard time putting them in the cabinets, so I hardly use them anymore.  I guess I will try to sell them.  Does anyone else have this problem?

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I agree they are too heavy.   This is why I sold most of mine at a garage sale last year.

I only kept 2 9x13 dishes for cold salads.  I am also retired and went back to corning ware.

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I agree. they are much too heavy ... in addition you have to always worry about them cracking in the oven!! .... I threw mine out a few years ago & have been using my corning ware & pyrex baking dishes.

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You could repurpose them.  For example, put fruit in them.

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Well, stoneware in general is heavy, not just Temptations. I don't have any but I do have a lot of Polish Stoneware and I suspect that it is heavier. I am getting older and weaker also but I will continue to use my PS as long as I can because it performs so well. About the only thing I use metal bakeware for is cookies.



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The first time I saw Temptations was at a QVC out let store. Agree that they are so heavy! I have now seen them in thrift stores. Even at those prices I have no interest because of the weight.

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Not a fan, not high quality cookware.  I've posted in the past on here that I had one crack in the oven, never again will I cook with them!!  Never had such a mess in my life, I'm with others that go back to the trusted old corningware!!!   And yes, use as a fruit bowl is about it.

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I don't have much Temptations, but I have a ton (probably literally!) of Pfaltzgraff stoneware, and it is also very heavy.  I am going to box it all up and donate it, I just bought a bunch of Corelle tableware on Saturday, to replace the Pfaltzgraff.  I'm retired as well, I just can't keep handling that heavy stoneware on a daily basis.  No matter how pretty all the various patterns are, from any line (Polish, Pfaltzgraff, Temptations, whatever), the weight outweighs the beauty in the end!

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I really like the TT dinnerware although I agree it is on the heavy side.  I often use plates in my toaster oven on relatively high heat 400 degrees without any problems.  I have just a few Corelle type plates and that stuff is amazingly light but sturdy.  The designs usually aren't as nice to me as my TT stuff which is why I will mainly continue with TT for now.