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I like the polka dot pattern of temptations but Tara seldom has it. I have written to her but she doesn't answer. If she doesn't want to make it she should let us know. Even when it is online they never have it. It frustrating. The other patterns are abundant but never the polka dot.
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IMO Tara's patterns look as though they were designed by young children.  They are elementary and primitive compared to the patterns on more sophisticated dinner and bakeware.

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This line had a toile pattern that my daughter loved, so I started a set for her when she was getting married. It disappeared almost as fast as it was introduced. She ended up with two baking pans and two wire racks...that's all I could find. I swore off anything else of that brand after hearing so many horror stories of pans cracking or shattering while removing from the oven. My daughter uses her pans but only for cold food like salads. 

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I have some of the "old " seasonal designs. I had hoped to add more, but the print design changed. I have Harvest and Patriotic. I still can't figure out why they changed, if she designs all of them. I did buy two Woodland pieces.  Smiley Frustrated

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I use Floral Lace Blue so I don't ever have problems with ordering.  What really bothers me is Tara previously made fun of boring white china, so we should buy her colorful stuff.  Now, guess what, she has boring white china and people are buying it up.  It has a woodland pattern but it's still all white.

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@brcala I, too, like the polka dot pattern.  It was made heavier than the other pieces, as well.  While I realize the forums are public and anyone can post on any thread he/she chooses, I'm sorry that one poster felt the need to write disparaging remarks.  

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Re: Temptations patterns

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I had a pair of Temptations baking dishes/casseroles back in the early days.  One immediately developed crazing after the first use.  I donated them both to Goodwill, thinking they might still be useful to someone.


Some smaller pieces  I had ordered as potential gifts arrived packed in  sticky little bits of styrofoam that were almost impossible to clean off.   I threw them out immediately.


So I had my negative Temp experiences early and have never looked back or forward on that brand again.

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@brcala  I hear ya! My DIL's favorite pattern is the black and white polka dot. It doesn't seem to be available anymore. Mostly just the gray and taupe. Recently, her SIL accidentally broke her 9x13, and now she can't replace it. She had to go with the black Floral Lace. 

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I think the line was sort of cute when it first came out.   I still have a few pieces that I use for cold servings but I also was one that had awful crazing on the ones I was baking with and literally had one crack in the oven.  I quickly learned it is total JUNK and I never looked back either!

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Was never much interested in that line--I have fiestaware.