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A couple of mornings ago I had the television on QVC and Temp-tations was on. A man called in and asked if YELLOW might be presented again. Tara pretty much shut him up with a statement that '"Yellow was a SEASONAL color" and that it might be. Well, I purchased a lot of the bakeware in the beautiful yellow, also a great pitcher with a large plate in yellow and then it just disappeared. To me, there is not another color that goes better in a kitchen than yellow. As far as a "seasonal" color, that is nuts! Myself, I will not order another piece of her collection, as I cannot even picture any of the drab, drab colors she is using. That is my opinion and I am pretty good with colors in most everything. She apparently is not interested or doesn't care about her customers and obviously doesn't read the comments people make about her colors. I think she has sold so, so much of her product that she just does anything that pleases her, regardless of what some customers would like to see and BUY. Well, no more Temp-tations for me unless she comes out with the beautiful YELLOW, as there is no better color in a kitchen than yellow.

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We've been through all the seasons a few times now and yellow hasn't shown up. Not sure what the problem is since I think it's very popular.

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Tara can only bring what QVC orders is why some items are available through her website that never appear on QVC.quests. She has indicated this numerous times.

While none of us have any specific information on yellow, it is safe to conclude that if itr were as popular as some think, it would still be here. QVC enjoys selling things, but some items are not practical to stock when the sales do not justify it.

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I with you, yellow is the best. I've watched QVC for years, and invested a lot of money in my yellow temp-tations. I don't like to mix and match, and don't believe that yellow is a "seasonal" color. I am very disappointed that I cannot grow my colleciton, feel like I waisted my money. You can't even get yellow on the temp-tations website. Very disapointed in Tara and QVC for not listening to customers. Everytime I see it on the air, I have to chane to channel, I'm so disgusted. Maybe one day they will bring it back.

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The OP is from over two years ago, and still, yellow has not returned to Old World. 


That and the return of the polka dots is a huge request from customers. 


I do have to wonder, with Temptations having been on now for over 10 years, might they in the near future, do some 'retro' things, going back and making limited releases (or re releases) of some of the old patterns and colors. Kind of an anniversary type thing.


I think that would be very popular, and should be easy for them to do, as the designing and prep work is already done.

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I am also disappointed that Tara seems to have discontinued the Old World yellow.  I purchased a large set in yellow when she first came out with the 9X13 with the lid it.  I couldn't decide between the yellow and the blue.  I wish I had chosen the blue since I was not able to add to my set.  I finally gave in and ordered the blue in a oval lid it set and also an 8X8 with a travel bag.  So many people are still wanting the yellow I don't understand why she doesn't bring it back.  Remember when she came out with grey and a beige color?  They're gone also, but I don't think they were popular - certainly not like the yellow.

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Tara seems to listen to what the consumers want but she seems very obstinant about bringing back yellow OW and the great colors of polka dots.  IMO she and the Q are missing out on a gold mine by not releasing yellow and the PD pattern.

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Bring back yellow old World temp-tations 

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I would appreciate a Tuscan yellow, which is sorta of goldish.  Would love to gift my mother dishes in the Lace pattern in that color.  Lace is her favourite.  

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I think they are "missing the boat" by not bringing the yellow back.  The house I grew up in had a yellow kitchen and it seems to be a cheery and popular color.  I don't agree that it is "seasonal."   I was buying the lilac/purple and that was so hard to get for a while.  I no longer purchase TT.  I wonder if the yellow paint is harder to work with for some reason.  I'm sure they have had a lot of requests for yellow.  Hope Tara brings it back for those that want to match their other pieces.  (I'm also surprised that the polka dots weren't available for very long.)