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Seeing the other post I thought I'd mention Tuesday Morning sells Staub.  Years ago two store in my area closed down, well now they're back, one just opened in my town last week.

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Re: Staub at Tuesday Morning.

I have 3 Staub Dutch oven type pots that I bought at the Q years ago for under  pay 50 dollars each. They have made in France embossed on the lid and I must say food tastes the best cooked in those pots. I would never spend hundreds of dollars on the Le Cruset that the Q is pushing, how much better can they be.

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Re: Staub at Tuesday Morning.

We don't have a Tuesday Morning. Guess I can check one out when I make a 3 hr round trip to Sam's.

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Re: Staub at Tuesday Morning.

They have it at Marshall's also if you haveone of those.  Also some LeCreuset (sp?) in several colors.