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I have the wood and silicone spurdles.  Like them both equally and have never had a problem with either.  They all go in the dishwasher and come out fine.  

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I had two different sets of them and they weren't used.  Spatulas and spoons work far better for me. 

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I have an olive wood spurtle.  Berard, made in France, although many of their products are made in northern Africa.   I use it fairly often, but I don't think I need more than one.  I certainly wouldn't want a set.

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Re: Spurdle utensils

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Olive wood is the best!  I have numerous olive wood utensils and I don't do any other wood for utensils.  Some of mine are so old and like new.  Any time I use one, after washing and drying, I treat it.


As for this brand, when they first came out with the silicone ones I got a set.  TBH, I only use one of them.  It's a long-ish, very narrow one that looks like that red one in Software's post. (mine are actually red)   I use it for cleaning out the last of product in a given jar and it works great.  It has held up, probably because it's just me using it and only for that one purpose.  I've never used it in cooking.   I haven't put it in the dishwasher, mostly just because it's easy to just wash and dry but I wouldn't hesitate to put silicone in the dishwasher.  

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Ive always found the line overpriced and unnecessary. In fact Ive owned the same wooden spoon for 40 years. Does the job fine if you know how to cook.

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I bought a set of the silicone utensils a few years ago.  They get quite a bit of use, mostly when I'm cooking something in a fry pan, and have held up great.  

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I have a few old inexpensive wooden utensils that I have used for 15+ years and always put them in the dishwasher to clean.  One in particular I use for browning ground beef.  Will be sad when it finally breaks, but still going strong.  My silicone spatulas and spoons never last that long.  They chip along the edges.  But I appreciate their usefulness in non-stick pans.

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I had both the wood & silicone ... They are too thick & uncomfortable to hold & work with ... I now use them in the garden 😁
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I've never had a wooden utensil splinter as quickly as the set of wooden Spurtles I purchased.  The utensils were hand washed and never let soaking in a pan of water. I considered trying the silicone version, but opted for a set of silicone utensils from another brand.