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I have three, all that white polypropelene stuff.  We use them for everything, even making toast and jam.  So they are constantly rotated through the dishwasher.  Sloppy cooks, I guess.

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Agree froggy. And I like and have 3 sizes of the Epicurean you show in your post. 


Why would I not want just one cutting board? If all I'm cutting is a lemon, for example, I don't want to use my largest cutting board. I want to use my small one as it's easier and quicker to wash than my biggest one. I own three cutting boards and use the one that best fits the job I'm using it for. Sometimes one is in the dishwasher waiting to be washed and so I use one of the other two. 


IF I had to rely on just one cutting board (though I wouldn't) I'd think of the largest cutting or chopping task I have and make sure what I purchased was appropriate for that task. 

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I have several sizes.  I usually get them at Costco and they are dishwasher safe.  I would never use a wooden cutting board for meat, etc.  

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I have a Boos cutting board which I absolutely love and for those who don’t like wood, if you try a Boos,you’ll never go back. I also have an assortment of  acrylic ones but I also have one that I specially like and that is the  concave one that Holds the meat juices ...I love it when I’m barbecuing’s fabulous when you’re slicing the tri tip or a big steak or poultry...

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Hi Tam!  I'm with you on the Boos Boards.   Best boards you can get.


My main Boos board is just a 18" square, 3" thick, one that I love.  It is always out on one of my counters but I don't use it all the time.  It's beautiful!   For boards, definitely Boos.  For utensils I like olive wood.


I also have a very large rectangular Boos  with the wells around the edges and I use that one for turkey-carving.


I have one or two little Boos boards and then I have some different size mats that I use for some things, and two sizes of the OXO ones (white, hard material of some kind with the black borders) which I use all the time.


If I had to let some of them go, I would keep the Boos boards and the OXO boards.

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If I had it to do over, I'd stick to my guns and get a Boos--as large as I had space for


DH was feeling generous that day, so instead I let him talk me into a gift of a beautiful multi-wood custom made cutting board.  It's "too pretty" to mar, and much too heavy to hoist, so I use two of those thin sheets of vinyl boards side-by-side on top of it.  That has covered both bases -- protects the beauty while also giving me the flexibility to cut on, then pick up and pour from.


BTW, unlike Boos boards, this impractical board is not double sided, so cannot be flipped over.  It has feet and is raised about 1.5" from the counter.  To store the vinyl sheets, DH built a matching drawer that slides under it.

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