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Re: Refrigerator recommendations

I just splurged on a 31" counter depth French door, will be delivered next week. I chose Fisher Paykel. While in the store, I opened the doors and it was like a vault door! Heavy and well insulated. 


Also, I do not have automatic ice maker or water dispenser because I don't have water on that side of the kitchen. I'm fine with making my own ice, LOL. This fridge got rave reviews, I will let you know.


My present 10 year old GE Profile was OK but now makes a ticking noise every now and then. 

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Re: Refrigerator recommendations

We recently remodeled our 30-year-old kitchen and I chose mostly Frigidaire appliances. I have the the french door bottom freezer counter depth brushed stainless model with an ice maker but no in-door dispenser. It was installed the beginning of March and so far I have had two service calls - one for the thermostat and one for the ice maker plugging up. We do not use a lot of ice so I have to remember to remove some ice every couple days so that the ice maker gets use otherwise it may have a tendency to plug up again (or so I was told). Even after the service calls, I have to keep the temperature setting as cold as it will go for the fridge (33 degrees F) and the freezer (minus 6 degrees F) to keep it cold enough inside. I keep two thermometers in the fridge and now one in the freezer so I can keep an eye on the temp. This is the first time I have ever seriously considered purchasing an extended warranty. It is $220 for 3 years. I have my doubts that this thing will be trouble-free for 3 years. When I mentioned that the temps were not cold enough, the repairman told me that both of my thermometers must be off. When I said I was also judging it on the feel of my milk and the hardness of my ice cream, he said that the thermometers may show it at 41 degrees but that is the air temp and not the temp of the liquids. I am wondering how the liquids are ever supposed to get colder than the air temp. So at the fridge setting of 33 degrees, my thermometers show between 37 and 39 and I am OK with that. However, 33 is the lowest setting possible so I have no where to go.


On the other hand, I love my Frigidaire dishwasher and the wall ovens and gas cooktop are fine. I also love my microwave drawer and that is a Sharp.


Appliances are a very difficult and confusing and expensive choice. It feels like a roll of the dice. I wish you the best in your search!

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Re: Refrigerator recommendations

I currently have 3 working refrigerators in this house; a GE and 2 Whirlpool.   The only refrigerator I've had an issue with is the one that came with an icemaker.   


Refrigerators with connected ice makers want to make ice, regardless of whether they are connected to a water supply.   This results in the condensed water from the self defrosting freezer to either drain out in the floor, or drain somewhere inside the fridge.   To fix this you have to clean out a drain plug on the back of the fridge and one inside the fridge (my husband used an air compressor to clear ours), and he also disconnected and removed the icemaker, which totally resolved our issue.   


Our public water supply has algae bloom in July and August, which affects the taste of our water and ice.   Because of that, I would never connect our water supply to an ice maker.  We buy ice during the summer, or make our own with bottled water.