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Question about the Keurig coffeemaker

I bought one years ago when they first came out and ended up returning it because when it was making the coffee, it would shake the whole countertop! Everything else on the counter would shake and rattle too! It made for a very noisy morning! I'm wondering if the newer models are quieter and vibrate less when operating? I really want to try one again but hesitate because of my past experience. I don't drink enough coffee to make a whole pot and don't like instant coffee. I miss having a cup or two in the morning. A Keurig would be perfect if they don't shake my whole countertop! And the one they have with 78 pods is such a great deal! I am so tempted to try it even if I end up returning it. Should I or shouldn't I?
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Re: Question about the Keurig coffeemaker



I have one of the early K’s in each shaking or rattling even after all these years.


One word about the pods:  after you have used them, buy the little coffee plastic brewing cups and the little paper liners ( biodegradable ) and use your own coffee preferences.  Store the ground coffee tightly sealed in a jar in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.


Good Luck this time around !

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Re: Question about the Keurig coffeemaker

@Kimmyb  We have had several of them and have never had the problem that you experienced.  I cannot even imagine what would cause the shaking unless it was on an uneven surface.  If you decide to get another one, try it on another surface to see if you experience the same thing.

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Re: Question about the Keurig coffeemaker

I think you had defective one.  All my friends have had them since way back when they first started selling them and I never saw or anything like you describe.  I caved in and bought one a little over a years ago.  There's no noise, you don't even hear the coffee going into the cup.  If they made noice like you describe, they would never have become as popular as they are.

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Re: Question about the Keurig coffeemaker

@Kimmyb  - I think you got a bad one the first time around.  IWe had a Keurig a couple of years ago or so.  After using it awhile I talked myself out of really needing it.  I have a sister and BIL who use theirs multiple times daily.  Knowing they don't last forever, I gave them ours to hold onto as a backup.  Timinig was good because it wasn't long before they needed to pull it out of the closet.  It was fine until about a month ago and when it quit.  They replaced it with a Keurig K-Elite.  We happened to be visiting so I got to try it.  I really like how they've improved this one, with the buttons on top, and it didn't strike me as being very noisy.  I liked it so much that I came home wanting a Keurig again.  I lucked out last weekend when QVC was selling the same model with 42 K-cups for $130.  It arrived today!  I'm looking forward to using it in the morning.  

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Re: Question about the Keurig coffeemaker

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I have my original Keurig coffee makers.  They must be maybe 15 plus years old and still work.  I have one at home and one in my RV.


They are both noisy. If I am sleeping and My DH makes coffee in the morning, the coffee maker wakes me up...and I sleep on the 2nd floor.


My counters don't shake...I have granite, but the overflow container with the metal perforated lid shakes like crazy and vibrates.


My two sisters have newer models and theirs are quiet.  I am waiting for mine to break down so I can replace them.

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Re: Question about the Keurig coffeemaker



I hear a few years they changed it and made it you can only use their K-cups and not other brands.  I remember people being unhappy about that at the time.  Is that still the case?  I like the idea of using the plastic brewing cups as you suggested but thought the Keurig could tell you weren't using their K-cups and wouldn't work?

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Re: Question about the Keurig coffeemaker

I got my first Keurig in maybe 2007 and it was loud! I bought a newer one in 2013 and it was much quieter. I don't think the new ones have the noise of the originals.

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Re: Question about the Keurig coffeemaker

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The 2.0 Keurig is the one that only takes coffee brands marked with a "K". 


I have an older model, K155, or something like that, and I can use any generic k-cup brand in my machine.


I got my first Keurig about 2007 and, yes, it was LOUD.  It wasn't a problem for me as I live alone.  But a few times when I had company, I felt guilty using it in the morning.


My current one is very quiet - I also have to look in the cup to see if it brewed.Woman LOL

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Re: Question about the Keurig coffeemaker

I had the mini and now I have the K55 (I think that's it)--the one that has a water filter and the tank you fill.    Neither ever shook at all.  I would not be without one.  I only drink one cup at a time (total of 2 for the day) so I love the ease of making one cup with no mess and nothing to clean, etc.  I almost always have the flavored coffees.  Mine have not been noisy, but you do hear the water flowing into your cup.  That isn't very noisy to me.