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Quality of Temptations cookware

I ordered the recent five piece set that was available in multiple patterns and colors. I got the red doodle Doo and it's very pretty to look at, however since then I've seen multiple reviews saying how these products crack and fade etc.  


I currently use very old corningware in white with a spice pattern on it and it's held up for decades. I really would like to have some new variety at this time and I don't want solid white corningware. 

Has anyone here had any very positive or negative experiences with Tara's cookware? I'm still debating whether to return or keep. TIA!

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Re: Quality of Temptations cookware

Based on reviews, I will not buy anything in this line for cooking or baking.   I have been gifted several Temptations baking dishes and use them only for serve ware; they have never been in the oven or microwave.  


I do not trust the quality of this line.

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Re: Quality of Temptations cookware

I'm not sure but the "stoneware" seems thinner than the pieces I have from 15-20 years ago which were thicker & heavier. (Could just be my observation).  


In all the years I've used them I've had a few "craze" and became trash.  As @RedTop said I cook my food in corning, etc yet serve in my pretty Temptations.  The table always looks so nice.


I haven't looked at my set same as your referring to I just received it.  I ordered it for my friend as she loves her Temptations and has had no problems and she's a new collector. I ordered her taupe.





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Re: Quality of Temptations cookware

@Cathyshopper I've read a LOT of negative reviews...but I have several Temptations casseroles that I've used many times with no problems.


One thing I do that may help--I don't put casseroles straight from the fridge into the oven or microwave. I let them sit for a half hour or so to come closer to room temp. Then, per the instructions that come with each piece, I put them in the oven while it's preheating. That allows the pieces to warm up slowly. I still cook for the same amount of time after the oven reaches full temperature.


Never run water into a very hot or cold dish, either. Let the dish come to room temp before washing.


I can't speak to "freezer to oven" as I've never done that.

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Re: Quality of Temptations cookware

@Cathyshopper  I have many TT bakeware pieces and use them on a weekly basis. I have given them to my DD, DIL and DS, and they use them weekly as well. The only time a crack has happened to me is when I put one of the lid-it trays in the oven at 450. One of my oldest pieces, a brownie pan) has a lot of crazing, so I use it for a napkin holder. My issue with TT bakeware is QC, as in when I receive defective pieces. I always plan on sending it back at least once and sometimes 2 or more times until I get a piece that is painted and glazed properly. I'm also not happy with Tara right now because she changed the Poinsettia pattern. It no longer matches my collection. I have sent her emails and asked during various "chats" if the original pattern is coming back. Crickets. Tara has also been known to up prices when a free shipping day arrives. 


All that being said, nothing cleans up like stoneware. I have the muffin pans and many casseroles. They are rediculously easy to clean. This week I did a cauliflower macaroni and cheese casserole. It came out of the oven with blackened burnt-on cheese all along the edge. Came off immediately under warm running water and soap.

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Re: Quality of Temptations cookware

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I don't have any Temp-tations but there seem to be fewer "cracking" complaints than there were a few years ago.  Maybe quality has improved.

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Re: Quality of Temptations cookware

I have had my Temp-tations for a very long time. I have never had a problem with any of them.  As a matter of fact I have given some of my old to my children.  There is one specific piece (deep baking) that I use at least twice a week.  I put it in my convection oven, after it warms up, and have had no problem.  As said before this I let them get to room temperature before I clean them.  The only thing I can say is you cannot bake in them without using a cooking spray.  I have tried to bake without anything and it always sticks.  That's where I think Tara fibs.  I always use Pam to spray in my cupcake dish or when I'm baking something like cakes or bisquits.  

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Re: Quality of Temptations cookware

I'm sure MOST of it lasts and is durable enough to cook/bake in....BUT...


If you have peices that craze or change color a little and you no longer want to use them for food, use the bowl shaped pieces to hold flowerpots in the summer!! ( the utilitarian pot that your plant comes in from the nursery...just set it on a few stones in the Temp. bowl).


I've gotten a LOT of compliments on my "flower pots"!! I  use them outdoors until I break it.  You may have to take the flowerpot out if the Temptations bowl fills with rainwater after a storm, but no biggie.



I use the lid-its under plants that I winter over in the house. Prettier than plain plastic, and they catch water if you overwater something....!


Waste not Want not!! 


I have not bought new TT for years because of the reviews, and because I will never have to buy another plate, bowl, tureen, platter or utensil since inheriting all my Mom's "Good China" which I am now using. 


And that's on TOP of my own china!!!


It matters not if it breaks, but so far, it has not. That fine china is a LOT more resilient than people think. Anyway, there's no one to leave it to, so I plan to use it up over the rest of  my life. I'm 66 now, I figure it'll take 20-30 years at the rate I'm using it.


(Mom passed at 95).





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Re: Quality of Temptations cookware

@Cathyshopper  - I haven't been buying it that long, but I have some of the old seasonal patterns in serving and baking pieces, mostly the "old" harvest and the "old" firework patterns. I'm not crazy about the "new" ones.



 I have served and baked in them with no problems   Smiley Happy

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Re: Quality of Temptations cookware

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From reading reviews , I was aware to check anything that I buy in Temptations .

My last order had a big page of do's and Don'ts , even mentions do not leave in a sink  full of water when washing by hand as the ceramic will absorb the water and cause issues.


I bought a dinner ware set as a gift . I checked it and one salad plate has a big crack in it and one dinner plate has imperfections in the seal, so  am sending back  and will reorder as the person I bought it for loves the  black/white pattern .