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What popular food do you dislike or actually refuse to eat ?  I don't like caramel, BBQ sauce or flavoring, most seafood,and anything with cream sauce.  What generally popular food do you just refuse to eat. 🙅

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Re: Popular Food

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Ditto on any kind of cream sauce. 


Also, no:




raw oysters or clams (fried is OK)


chicken thighs


blue cheese


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Mashed potatoes with gravy. Lots of veggies I don't like.

I don't like food that has soft texture or what I call mushy like mashed potatoes.

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Most fish unless it's deep fried that's ok. Blue cheese.

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Mushrooms or anything containing them.  Fishy stuff except for lobster, king crab and halibut.

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Mushrooms, ick! I don't understand the fuss. And crab cakes - the smell makes me want to retch. Oh, and salmon. I do like some other seafood though.

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Just liver🤮

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Garbanzo beans.  They're everywhere lately.

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Chickem Wings!!!!!   I don't do dark meat - even in chicken noodle soup!



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For starters Woman Embarassed :


Ritz  and/or Goldfish crackers

Dr. Pepper

Tea, neither iced nor hot

BBQ Ribs





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