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Is that the home in Maine that Kirstie Alley used to own?


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Here's more from Kirstie Alley's former home in Maine.  It was listed for over $2,000,000 back in 2011.  Not sure what it sold for.


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Love to be home . . . thus the screen name. Joined 2003.
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Oh my gosh @Homegirl, these pictures of Kirstie Alley's former home are breathtaking.  So feminine and beautiful.  I'd love to spend a few days in that kind of atmosphere and enjoy my "girliness".  

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Love, love! This is now my screensaver. Thanks for posting. 

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if my wife wanted to do pink in a room it wouldnt bother me. growing up my moms bathroom had pink tile and floor had some pink in it.

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I actually don't mind these pink kitchens in this thread.  To me it looks more interesting than if everything was stark white instead of the pink.  I could hang with the pink, but would be bored to death by the white.

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Charming, although, I don't care for pink in the kitchen.  Very "shabby chic" which I love.

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@Sharke wrote:

pretty, but, show grease and dirt fast. Kill yourself keeping it clean.

Bet she has the pink KA big and mini mixer. LOL


@Sharke I was thinking the same thing.   The kitchen is pretty and cozy but keeping it clean would be so difficult.   I love all the decorative items but I wouldn't want to have to constantly maintain them.   

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I have that table cloth in the photo!  Lol. It is a vintage card table cloth.  Love it, but hardly use it.

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I have a friend who loves pink and her pink kitchen is so fun to visit. She gives a lot of dinner parties and her husband, grown son and brothers aren't at all intimidated by the pink.