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When David opened the fridge for the power cleaner, the shelves seemed to be lined with what looked like Temptations pattern liner.  Anyone know anything about it?


My drawers and door shelves all go into the dishwasher, but I have two shelves that are the width of the fridge, and my husband doesn't always notice if he knocks something over.  I've looked for something like a boot tray, but can't find one that fits easily into the fridge.  Still, I think a tray for the fridge is an easier find than a new husband.  If he knocked over something, I could just remove the tray, and not have the normal mess, which he does help clean.

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I didn't see the presentation but years ago they had Temp-tations silicone liner.  Cooks Essentials also had some.  They are no longer available.  I know they used to show the fridge during the presentation and say one of the uses could be for lining the fridge.


Maybe it's still in their onset refrigerator or maybe they are bring the product back?  


It was item K41382





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I was in home goods today and they had a sizes of trays for fridges.They were acrylics.