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Old Dutch Copperware -- Sunday

guess this the new trend for Q during Cooking Day Sunday.


Guess all things "old" are new again! My mother used to have a lot of copper pieces in her kitchen when I was growing up. And to think, we donated them to Goodwill upon her passing.


Of course, the prices are high. I still have some of her Revereware pots that have the copper bottoms.

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Re: Old Dutch Copperware -- Sunday

I had alotof cooperiny kitchen in h 70s and I donated it after awhile. I do have on old Revere pot that I use alot.

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Re: Old Dutch Copperware -- Sunday

I seriously doubt that this is 3mm copper they will be selling, personally I'm not interested in pots that have a very thin copper coating on the outside.

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T fal has a similar set.  I saw them on a today's deal a couple days ago.   I've never had any but my brother has been using copper bottomed pans for 40 years, and has picked up pieces at yard sales recently.

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Re: Old Dutch Copperware -- Sunday

I'm betting the Dutch Colony has relocated to Beijing.