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When you look out your kitchen window?

Mine overlooks the back yard, and every time I look at my pool I can 't imagine that it's ever going to be warm enough to use it again! {#emotions_dlg.crying} If I'm lucky I'll catch a huge flock of birds feeding.

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The view out of your kitchen window sounds wonderful. I on the other hand, don't have a window in my kitchen - so no view.

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My kitchen window also overlooks my backyard. When I look out I see my Meyer lemon tree and my lime tree, both loaded with fruit, and I see my herb garden.

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I was just looking out my kitchen window. I'm on a corner lot - and my friend (neighbor) has the same model house as mine - directly across the street. She is having her house painted right now - the painters painted the trim pinkish brown. Not sure of the paint color. Her house is stark white and mine is grey. She stopped over my house a few hours ago and told me that a family member is doing the work and she got a good price.

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Nothing but snow, snow and more snow!

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I don't have a kitchen window but i have an archway that looks out through the wall of glass doors to the lanai and the lake beyond it. Beautiful.
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It's dark outside now, but when I was peeling carrots for dinner, I was also watching two deer up at the back of our property. They were pawing through the snow looking for food.

And a squirrel ran across our pool cover while I was watching the deer.

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The sink is in the corner. To the right, I see the neighbors house. To the left, I see the backyard. There's about a foot of snow out there.

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Pacific Ocean

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My front porch. I have only one window and it looks onto the porch, but not onto the street. I can see who's ringing my bell or sitting on the porch… that's it. I have it nicely decorated to make the most of the view Smile